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Lab History creates a platform where patients can upload their medical records so that whenever they go to see another regular doctor the doctor can see the patient's history just by Enter the patient's CNIC. Lab History is a user-friendly platform that defines GOAL.

Lab History generates the richest clinical evidence.

Lab History combine deep scientific expertise, endpoint technology platform for clinical management. This is how we empower our partners to change their lives. Lab History is the first online platform for patient and doctors where they can upload their medical records for future treatment use. Lab History made an easy way to get rid of papers activity, and create a centralized system to see history records.

Lab History transform lives with the most comprehensive endpoint, centralizing lab records which made an easy way to watch anyone’s medical records on Searching or by typing their CNIC.

Medical Records are essential for evaluation.

Medical Records

The medical record includes findings and medical imaging such as MRT, CT, and X-rays.

Electronic Access

You will be asked to upload your medical records to a highly secure user account for electronic access by medical professionals or can upload by yourself.


Welcome To Our Clinic!

We offer extensive medical procedures to outbound and inbound patients.

Our major areas of specialization include oncology, orthopedics, cardiology, IVF Treatment, urology, neurosurgery, gastroenterology, plastic surgery and many other departments.




Committed to the best solutions for patient’s health situation.


Frictionless execution.


Effectiveness due to method and precision.


Treating our patients, partners and co-workers like we want to be treated.


Independent of healtcare politics.

Our team of hundreds of clinical management professionals ensures that the science of therapeutic areas and endpoints informs every aspect of our evidence- generating technology. Combined with our extensive global regulatory experience, we ensure the reliability and accuracy of clinical evidence across our technology portfolio, enabling site-based, hybrid and decentralized clinical

Scientific expertise: